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Insulin Pump Insurance

Through our partner Adeona, we provide their customers with a specialist insurance policy. Our streamlined claims service ensures that their customers receive a replacement Insulin Pump as soon as possible.

Disabled Student Allowance

We provide a fully DSA-QAG compliant accidental damage and theft insurance policy. Through our clients we provide students with an insurance policy each year to minimise interruption to their studies

Student Equipment Insurance

We provide a comprehensive accidental damage, theft and breakdown insurance policy for students who have purchased their own equipment. Students can apply online to insure their equipment for the duration of their course.

Radio Aid Insurance

Through our partner Aspen Associates, we provide schools and local authorities with a specialist insurance policy. Our streamlined claims service ensures that schools receive a replacement Radio Aid System as soon as possible.

Our Services

Product design

Our products are designed specifically for your customers requirements

Policy administration

We issue all policy fulfilment and manage mid-term adjustments to the policy

Customer service

Our staff are experienced and place an emphasis on providing a first-class service at all times

Premium collection

We use integrated collection services to collect insurance premiums on behalf of the insurer

Claims handling

All insurance claims are handled in-house so you can be sure that they have our attention

Underwriting management

We control the underwriting performance and deliver competitive pricing for your customers

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