Radio Aid System Insurance for schools

We’re very pleased to have launched a new Radio Aid System insurance product for schools and local authorities whose pupils use Radio Aid Systems.

Radio Aid Systems support children with hearing impairments, including users of cochlear implants, hearing aids and bone conduction hearing aids. They are designed to help people with hearing impairments in noisy environments.

Until now, the lack of suitable insurance coverage has prevented pupils from using their radio aid systems outside of the school environment.

Working with our partner, Aspen Associates, and supported by Stuart Whyte (President of British Association of Teachers of the Deaf and Chair of the UK Children’s Radio Aid Working Group) we have developed an insurance policy specifically for schools and local authorities.

Claims can be logged by the school online and are processed in-house within two working days. We arrange for replacement Radio Aid Systems to be delivered directly to the school from a specialist provider.

Cover is provided for accidental damage, theft and loss. There’s no excess to pay when making a claim. Premiums are calculated based upon the number of Radio Aid Systems on cover.

To find out more about the insurance please go to

This is the first of a number of new commercial insurance products we plan to launch throughout 2019 and 2020.

If we can help you develop an insurance product for your customers, please get in touch.