What is the Disabled Students’ Allowance?

Disabled Students’ Allowance (DSA) is a grant to help with extra essential costs that a disabled student may have as a direct result of their disability, long-term health condition, mental-health condition, or specific learning difficulty.

DSA can provide disabled students with specialist equipment. For example, a computer, assistive technology or disability-related software.

What can go wrong?

The specialist equipment provided to students can easily become ineffective. Damaged equipment often cannot be used as intended and stolen equipment needs to be replaced.

A student’s studies don’t stop just because they don’t have their equipment. A quick repair or replacement is imperative.

How Specialty Risks helps DSA students

Since 2017, Specialty Risks has been supporting students whose equipment breaks down, is damaged or is stolen.

One of the key aspects of the support processes we provide is speed of decision making.

Our Claims Application is configured to ensure that claims are assessed within two working days and are often assessed within one working day. As soon as a claim is approved, an automated communication is sent to the repairer to arrange for the equipment to be collected or for a replacement to be sent to the student.

DSA students are Vulnerable Customers

Protecting vulnerable customers is a key focus for the FCA.

Most DSA students have not experienced an insurance claims process before and find the process unfamiliar. For some students, the process can be daunting and stressful.

We have developed, and we continue, to enhance processes for specific disabilities. Bespoke processes have been developed for students who are visually impaired, are deaf, experience stress and/or anxiety or are the victims of domestic abuse. All members of our team who interact with students receive regular training on disabilities. Each month, training is provided on a specific disability.

Specialty Risks provide these services to Assistive Solutions, Barry Bennett, Hamer Technology, Iansyst, Invate, Microlink, Remtek Systems, Sight and Sound Technology and Wyvern Business Systems.

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