Insurance distribution in a regulated environment

Whether a distributor is authorised for insurance distribution activities, or it requires the support of an FCA-authorised firm to provide potential policyholders with insurance, Specialty Risks has a range of options that will ensure any organisation can operate in compliance with the FCA’s handbook.

Unregulated distributors

We can provide unregulated distributors with the following insurance distribution options:

  • Become an Appointed Representative / Introducer Appointed Representative.
  • Become a master policyholder.
  • Use an exemption from regulation by having a connected contract arrangement.

These options give distributors the ability to provide insurance cover to their customers without the need to become directly authorised and regulated by the FCA. This saves distributors significant time and costs.

Insurance4InsulinPumps Case Story was created by Adeona Limited in 2010. In 2018, Adeona Limited moved their scheme to Specialty Risks Limited, becoming an Appointed Representative in the process. Find out more about how Adeona benefits from working with us.

Specialty Risks was the clear winner to provide our market first insulin pump insurance.

John Bainbridge

Founder, Insurance4InsulinPumps

FCA authorised organisations

Organisations that are already authorised and regulated by the FCA can also take advantage of Specialty Risks’ experience and technology.

Our binding authority agreements allow for sub-delegation. Sub-sub-delegation is available subject to the agreement of the insurer.

Developing schemes for brokers

Are you an insurance broker trying to differentiate yourself from your competition? Have you developed expertise in your own niche and want to offer a better product than your competition?

Specialty Risks has the capability to deliver insurance brokers with an existing book of business with their own scheme:

  • Bespoke wording.
  • Bespoke rates.
  • Fully branded sales and marketing literature.
  • Fully branded, co-branded or Specialty Risks branded claims handling service.

Specialty Risks is the only business that has been able deliver us the scheme we’ve wanted to build since we started printinsure in 2015

Chris Hayhoe

Founder and Managing Director, printinsure

printinsure Case Story

printinsure is the only dedicated insurance broker in the UK serving the needs of the printing industry.

Commercial printers operate a wide range of equipment. Find out how Specialty Risks has provided printinsure with the ability to cover a wide range of digital equipment.

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