Insurance solutions for specialty risks

For customers who have unique requirements

We are insurance experts

Our experience, dedication and approach to service will make your customers' experience as simple as possible. We manage everything from the product design to the sales, policy administration, underwriting and claims handling.

We work with specialist insurers

We work with specialist insurers and focus on creating specialist insurance policies. This enables us to provide bespoke insurance products with the result that all genuine claims are paid, providing your customers with peace of mind.

Tailor made for your customers

We know the key to a successful insurance scheme is our relationship-based approach. We work closely with our clients to understand their customers' requirements and place the business with insurers who understand.

Our solutions

Disabled Student Allowance

We provide a fully DSA-QAG compliant accidental damage and theft insurance policy. Through our clients we provide thousands of students with an insurance policy each year to minimise interruption to their studies.

Radio Aid Insurance

Through our partner Aspen Associates, we provide schools and local authorities with a specialist insurance policy. Our streamlined claims service ensures that schools receive a replacement Radio Aid System as soon as possible.

Insulin Pump Insurance

Through our partner Adeona, we provide their customers with a specialist insurance policy. Our streamlined claims service ensures that their customers receive a replacement insulin pump, handset or CGM as soon as possible.

DSA Equipment Insurance

We provide a comprehensive theft, accidental and breakdown insurance policy for students who have purchased their own equipment. Students can apply online to insure their equipment for the duration of their course.

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