As a business that operates using CNC machines, you understand the significant investment involved in the purchase of these machines and also the importance of keeping them serviced and active. We know that for CNC machines to continue to operate effectively beyond the typical 12 month manufacturer’s warranty, additional servicing and breakdown support is required.

A natural extension of our experience and expertise in the print industry was the development of our CNC Breakdown product. This product provides businesses with support following mechanical or electrical breakdown or accidental damage (following an operator error) which in turn minimises downtime and ensures ongoing productivity.

What is covered

  • Mechanical and Electrical Breakdown. Our product pays for the repair to the machine. Examples are failure of the printed circuit board (PCBs), component parts and electric motors.
  • Accidental Damage resulting from operator error. Our product pays for work required to repair the machine i.e. lathe spindles, incorrect programming etc.

Insurance policy design


Our CNC product is marketed and sold through a leading finance company.


Policyholders can register claims on a bespoke online claims portal.

The application enables businesses to upload all their supporting evidence, including engineers reports and invoices, which ensures that claims can be settled quickly.


All policy administration is handled by our UK based team.

Our experienced team has been involved in providing machinery breakdown insurance for many years.


We are accredited for both ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 for our information security infrastructure and quality management system.


Specialty Risks collects the insurance premium on behalf of the insurer.

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