Our claims processes use a seamless combination of automation and human interaction

The Specialty Risks’ insurance claims handling philosophy is simple:

  • Approve genuine insurance claims immediately.
  • Ensure fraudulent claims are not paid.
  • When policyholders suffer a genuine loss that is not covered by the policy wording, present the claim to the insurer for them to consider paying outside of the policy wording.

Insurance claims handling – First Notification of Loss

We develop bespoke applications to manage the First Notification of Loss (FNOL) process. Policyholders can register claims online or over the telephone.

In 2022, we launched our Intelligent FNOL (IFNOL TM ) Application. This market leading application enables customers to register claims without the need to log into a portal or to know their policy details. This gives policyholders the ability to submit claims faster and makes the process easier for them.

How we manage DSA claims

Keeping disabled students learning at University when the unexpected happens

Automation and intelligent claims allocation

Our Claims Applications can be programmed to automate claims assessment for every claim received. Automation is based upon a probabilistic assessment of the likelihood that a claim will be paid.

When a Claims Application processes a claim that it determines is below a pre-defined likelihood of success, the application allocates the claim are to a claims handler for assessment. Claims are never declined by the application. Only a claims handler can take the decision not to pay a claim.

Claims handlers are highly trained in our products and the technologies we insure. It takes over two years for a claims handler to be assessed as competent to manage claims across all our products.

Speed of assessment

Core to our claims handling is the principle that genuine claims should be approved immediately.

Whether the policyholder is a medical device user who needs their equipment replaced immediately, or a commercial organisation that needs to make sure equipment is up-and-running with minimal downtime, the speed of claim approval is a critical performance measure for Specialty Risks.


2021 claims approved within 2 working days





Data notes:

The time taken for each claim is the difference between the date notified to Specialty Risks and the date the claim was approved.

The volume of claims handled by Specialty Risks between 2021 and 2023 increased by 17%.

Data includes claims that required further investigation and further information from the policyholder to validate that an insured event took place.

Data excludes claims that were declined. 2023 data is from 1st January to 31st March 2023

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