Specialty Risks works with specialty insurance companies

Our approach to insurance policy design for insurance and warranty products is to understand both the users and the technology they use.

Our commercial products are suitable for a range of organisations, including SMEs, large commercial and public sector organisations.

As part of our insurance policy design process we work with specialty insurance companies to underwrite the policies we sell. You can find out more about the insurance companies we use here.

It’s about the policyholder

We start by understanding the risks the policyholder is exposed to and then we develop a product that provides the optimum level of cover and value for the policyholder.

Our prototyping development model ensures that we deliver insurance policies fit for policyholders and policyholders receive the cover they need. Our products are tested throughout the design process and are only sold once we are 100% confident they meet the needs of the target market.

AssetSecure Case Story

Bluestone Leasing approached Specialty Risks to develop its AssetSecure product. As the customer-facing business of the asset finance process, Bluestone Leasing takes responsibility for meeting the lessee’s needs.

We created an embedded insurance product for Bluestone Leasing to market to their customers as part of the asset finance application process.

Specialty Risks has succeeded where no other insurance provider has managed to in the past 15 years

Mark Hargreaves

Finance Director, Bluestone Leasing

Using our technology to deliver for policyholders

Our proprietary platform, SPECS TM , gives us unparalleled flexibility:

  • Policy durations to suit the needs of the policyholder, not just annual or monthly renewing cover.
  • Fixed term or renewing policies.
  • Embedded and standalone policies.
  • A range of payment options including Direct Debit, invoice and payment cards.
  • Any combination of insurance covers and services subject to VAT in a single payment for the policyholder.

The Specialty Risks’ approach means organisations that use us:

  • Are highly effective at marketing insurance. More of their customers take up the insurance.
  • Have more competitive pricing. Our bespoke rating models mean policyholders pay a fair premium based upon the risk they present to the insurer.
  • Avoid one-size-fits-all pricing models that often benefit policyholders who are a higher risk to the detriment of lower risk policyholders.

Why distributors work with Specialty Risks

Increase sales

Retain more customers at renewal

Spend more time growing their own business

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