Insurance policy design


Our Print Maintenance Contract Insurance is designed specifically to meet the needs of support businesses that provide preventative maintenance and support contracts to the printing industry.

Support businesses can include equipment failure within their support contracts safe in the knowledge they have a Contractual Liability Insurance Policy (CLIP) to insure the potential liabilities they have to their customers. Cover is provided for the cost of replacement parts and the labour charges incurred during the replacement of failed parts.


Our Print Maintenance Contract Insurance is distributed through our exclusive relationship with printinsure

printinsure is the UK’s only insurance broker dedicated to the needs of the print industry.

If you would like to understand how Print Maintenance Contract Insurance can help your business, please contact printinsure.


Support businesses declare the machinery they need to insure to us using a purpose built portal.

Our portal automatically generates and sends an invoice to the support business for payment. Support businesses with one of our Print Maintenance Contract Insurance policies can see all their insured risks through their own dedicated PowerBI report.


Support businesses can use both their own in-house engineers or manufacturer approved engineers to replace parts that have failed and do not need prior approval from us. Claims are submitted online online using our bespoke FNOL Application.

We assess claims inline with the pre-agreed service levels. By having a CLIP in place, support businesses can avoid having to hold large quantities of parts in stock. The insurer will pay up to the market price for any component that needs to be replaced and this can be sourced at the time of failure.


Print Maintenance Contract Insurance policyholders have a contract directly with the insurer. The policy is arranged and administered by Specialty Risks.

Machinery declared to Specialty Risks by the support business using the purpose built portal is automatically loaded into Specialty Risks proprietary platform, SPECS TM .


Print Maintenance Contract Insurance policyholders are invoiced as soon as the declared machinery is accepted. The majority of machinery is accepted immediately.

Premiums must be paid to Specialty Risks, who hold the premium on a risk transfer basis, within the prescribed payment terms.

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